FIRST AIRED: May 13, 2018

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>> Bursting with lava, gas, and steam new fissures opened on Hawaii's Kilauea volcano over the weekend has worried residents brace for the worst. Reuters' correspondent Terray Sylvester witnessed the destruction caused by one such fissure.>> Let's sort of talk over state how strange it was to go, walking through field of lush Hawaiian vegetation on a pleasant, sunny morning.
And then come across such a ferocious sight hidden in the grove of trees from above a quarter of a mile away the fissure was invisible, but I could hear a dull, pumping roar.
closer the sound was as some residents have described it like a giant blowtorch going off whenever gas and steam exploded from the erupting fissure.
>> Since the initial eruption on May 3rd, close to 20 fissures have sent slowly rolling molten lava through fields. And into the big island's Leilani Estates neighborhood, leaving dozens of homes in ashes.>> The erupting fissure had created a mound of semi-solid black and red magma about 40 feet tall.
And vents in the fissure were flinging chunks of magma another 40, 50, 100 feet in the air. As I watched, tons of molten lava were winding down into the vegetation, lighting grass and vegetation on fire. As you might expect, the air was extremely hot. I was there with a handful of other journalists as well as local residents who'd come to look and we were all soaked and just drenched in sweat by the time we left.
>> Scientists say the threat is far from over, another eruption from the summit's crater, which could happen at any time and without warning, could spew ash and debris 20,000 feet in the air and spread up to 12 miles. Around 2,000 people have already been forced to evacuate and officials are warning more residents to be prepared to flee.