FIRST AIRED: May 4, 2018

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>> So help me God.>> Former CIA chief Mike Pompeo is settling in as Secretary of State.>> I'm eager to work with you all.>> But President Trump's pick to replacement at the CIA, vetern spy Gina Haspel is running into trouble on Capitol Hill. Haspell's nomination facing fierce pushback from opponents who allege she helped supervise the use of torture on terror suspects under President George W Bush.
Mark Hozenball is on the story.>> She served most of her term as an undercover officer overseas and when she was the head of the CIA station in Thailand, at least under her ospices, the agency ran a facility there in Thailand where they did engage in harsh interrogation tactics.
>> There are also questions about Haspel's connection to secret CIA prison's known as black sites and whether she ordered investigation videos to be destroyed. That's left some senator's unwilling to support Haspal until they know more.>> Some of the democrats including Senator Wyden and Senator Heinrich who are members of the Senate intelligence committee are basically demanding that the CIA declassify a lot more documentation about the program, so they can see more evidence as to what Haspel's role was or wasn't in such activities.
>> The standoff leaves the nation's top spy agency without a leader at a critical time, with crucial decisions on Iran and North Korea coming up in the next few weeks. With the nomination in doubt, the White House is making a new push to win Haspel's confirmation, suggesting it will declassify more documents and publishing a timeline of her CIA career on Wednesday.
Legislative director Marc Short told reporters Wednesday, the vote will likely be close despite strong Republican support.>> If the Democrats, as a whole block, all vote against her and if there's a handful of Republicans who vote against her, then she's in serious trouble. So the whole thing is a little bit on nice edge at the moment.
We don't really know how it's going to come out.>> Haspel's confirmation could hinge on how well she performs at a senate confirmation hearing scheduled for next week.