FIRST AIRED: May 15, 2018

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>> Twitter is stepping up its fight against abusive Internet trolls. This time using behavioral signals to identify perpetrators and bury their tweets. Twitter CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey took it upon himself to deliver that message directly to reporters. A rather rare move, says Reuters correspondent, David Ingram, who met with him.
>> Dorsey said that past efforts at Twitter to try to create healthier discussions had been kind of whack a mole. Where they will go after one group of people who are being harassers. And then another group will pop up, and then another group will pop up. And this kind of whack a mole is not the kind of approach that he wanted to take on attacking abuse on Twitter.
>> So how does it work? Tweeting a lot about people who don't follow you, or not confirming your email address, could get you tagged as a troll. Then your tweets will get stuck low down in the feed, making it harder to be seen. Twitter's rules prohibit abuse, and it can suspend or block offenders once someone reports them.
Users can also mute people they find offensive, but the latest move comes on top of that. Social media firms including Twitter and Facebook are under pressure to remove bullies from their platforms. Which if gone unchecked, could turn off users.>> I think Dorsey is trying to be more open, he has been tweeting in a little bit more of a casual way lately.
And the fact that he decided to invite some reporters, including Reuters, to meet with him. Shows that Twitter's opening up a little bit to new ways of explaining how it does business.>> Dorsey, who had a long beard, short hair, and a black T-shirt for the occasion. Said that Twitter's 336 million monthly active users should expect a series of other changes over the next several months.
As the company explores ways to encourage tweets that are more civil.