FIRST AIRED: April 25, 2018

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>> South Korea has cooked up a symbolic menu for this Friday's high stakes inter-Korea Summit. First up, Swiss rosti, a fried potato dish, which will be cooked with a Korean twist. That seems to be a nod to reports that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un lived in Switzerland as a child.
Though that's never been confirmed by the North. Main course, baked John Dory fish, a common dish in South Korea and President Moon Jae-in's home town, the seaside port city of Busan. More carbs are on the menu in the form of Pyongyang style cold noodles, or naengmyeon, served in a chilled meat broth.
It's signature fare from North Korea, and it will be cooked fresh on the day by a top chef from Pyongyang's Akyugon restaurant. It's considered a top eatery in the North Korean capitol, and has several branches overseas helping the regime earn badly needed hard currency. But the show piece of the feast will be a mango moose dessert featuring a map of a unified Korea, and its sparking political friction with Japan.
Two blue specs on the map are islands Seoul disputes with Tokyo. Now Japan has demanded the Koreans pull the moose from its menu. But when US president Donald Trump visited last year, Seoul sent a similarly chilly message through a grilled prawn dish sourced from waters near the same disputed islands.