FIRST AIRED: April 30, 2018

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>> The two Koreas are taking their first small steps towards reconcilliation this week, after a landmark summit between the leaders of both sides ended with an agreement to pursue peace and get rid of nuclear weapons. Pyongyang says it will set the north's clocks 30 minutes earlier to match the south's timezone this Saturday, and on Monday officials in the south said they're removing their loud speakers that blast propaganda at the DMZ.
Polls also showed that after the feel good vibes from the summit, two-thirds of South Koreans trust Kim's promises. One made after the meet up was a vow from Kim that he would invite experts and media in to watch Pyongyang shut down its nuclear test site. However, as Reuters' Josh Smith explains, some are skeptical as to what the world will really be able to see.
>> North Korea has also brought in experts and media when they destroyed part of a nuclear reactor in 2008. This, of course, did not stop them from going on and continuing to develop their nuclear weapons programs. So this is something that many experts have expressed a lot of skepticism about.
Many of them are expecting North Korea to simply perhaps dynamite the caves that they have tested several of their nuclear weapons in. Leaving them potentially in the position to open them back up later if they wanted to.>> And one of the lingering questions still left after the meeting, what exactly denuclearaztion means, or how it can be achieved.
>> The inter Korean summit, the declaration the two sites came out with was rather vague. It laid out some broad ideals, broad goals. But not a lot of details on exactly how North Korea would give up its nuclear weapons, and what they might want in return and how it might be verified.
Even observers who were skeptical of this noted that a lot of these details will however need to be worked out with other players like the United States and China.>> The next big step is Kim's upcoming meeting with US President Donald Trump, set in late May or early June.
On Monday, an official said that South Korean President, Moon Jae-In told senior secretaries, Trump should win the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to end the standoff with North Korea. When apparently he said that quote, Trump should win the Nobel Peace Prize, what we need is only peace.