FIRST AIRED: April 26, 2018

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>> And your wasteful spending is an embarrassment.>> Abuses of public trust.>> Trips to Disneyland.>> Fiscal mismanagement.>> All of the ethical lapses.>> Embattled EPA Chief Scott Pruitt takes a pounding at Capitol Hill on Thursday, amid mounting investigations and scandals.>> But all of us should be troubled by the numerous reports of the misuse of tax payers dollars and apparent conflicts of interest that have made the administrator a frequent subject of investigation.
>> I'm Andy Sullivan in Washington where Trump's point man on environmental matters isn't backing down.>> A lie doesn't become truth just because it appears on the front page of a newspaper.>> With his job on the line, Pruitt cast himself as a defender of Trump's agenda.>> Those who attacked the EPA and attacked me are doing so because they want to attack and derail the president's agenda and undermine this administration's priorities.
>> Pruitt faces nearly a dozen investigations from watchdogs in the administration and on Capital Hill examining his close ties to energy industry lobbyists and his extravagant spending including a $43,000 sound proof phone booth.>> Yes, how often do you have to use your secret phone booth?>> It's for confidential communications and it's rare.
>> Pruitt saying his first plane tickets and large security detail were needed to protect him from an angry public. Reading off some of the threats he has received.>> Pruitt I'm gonna find you and put a bullet between your eyes. Don't think I 'm joking I'm planning this.
>> Pruitt taking heat from Democrats, and some Republicans as well.>> And I'm just gonna be very honest with you. When folks read about trips to Disneyland, professional basketball games, rose bowl, and the additional security detail related to that, that doesn't sit well with a lot of people.
>> So far Pruitt still has the support of President Trump, who like many Republicans has cheered his efforts to loosen environmental regulations.>> Pruitt has made no secret of his political ambitions. He's positioned himself to be Attorney General of Jeff Sessions leaves. Now that's looking less likely. Now that Pruitt's under the gun but ironically, that could help him hold on to his current job.
The Trump administration already is having a tough time getting his nominees through the Senate. Look at Ronny Jackson, who dropped out of the running to be Veteran's Secretary. So if Pruitt gets forced out, the administration has another empty seat they have to fill, and that's the last thing they want right now.