FIRST AIRED: May 1, 2018

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>> President Trump, on Tuesday, blasted the release of a list of more than 40 questions that Special Counsel, Robert Mueller is reportedly hoping to ask Trump as part of his probe into Russia's role in the 2016 elections. The New York Times published the questions late Monday. Trump tweeting, so disgraceful that the questions concerning the Russian Witch Hunt were leaked to the media.
Reporter Warren Strobel is following the story>> So it's one of Washington's big guessing games today, how did these questions of very sensitive material involving what the special counsel wants to ask the President of the United States, how did that become public. We're as certain as we can be that these documents did not leak from the Special Counsel's office himself.
Because the special counsel's office has been locked up tighter than a drum in terms of communicating with the press or leaking anything.>> The New York Times in it's report said it got the material from somebody outside of Trump's legal team.>> Among the questions Mueller reportedly has for Trump, what knowledge did you have of any outreach to Russia about potential assistance to the campaign?
Another, what consideration and discussions did you have regarding terminating the Special Counsel in June of 2017?>> So you will have, presumably, Mr. Mueller sitting in a chair asking President Trump, why were you thinking about firing me? So it tells us that the Special Counsel is focused both on collusion, which is part of his original mandate.
But also on the issue of obstruction of justice.>> The release of the questions could upset reported efforts by former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani to set up an interview between Trump and Mueller.>> The surprise publication of these questions which again, are very sensitive and closely held documents has to muddy the waters a little bit in terms of the negotiations between Trump and his legal team, and Mueller, and his team of 30 or 40 investigators.
It's possible that it could make it more difficult for the interview to happen.>> Russia has denied meddling in the US election and Trump has repeatedly insisted that there was no collusion with Russia during the campaign.