FIRST AIRED: April 25, 2018

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>> I think it's good except it sucks. So let me do the plan and that way it might be really good.>> Early word is Avengers Infinity War is really good. Better than good, epic.>> It's not another Marvel movie, it's the Marvel movie.>> Benedict Cumberbatch aka Dr. Strange, just one of the dozens of Marvel characters packed into what may be the most ambitious super hero film of all time.
How they pull off wrangling so many ripped, capped and ugly complected stars, Chris Pratt, aka Star-Lord, gave some insight at the premier.>> They set up a party lounge just outside of set, outside under a tent with couches and music. So the buffet all the time, and everyone was mingling with each other, so they would just roll out and grab us right out of there and it actually worked.
So if you ever have to deal with 27 actors, just set up a buffet.>> The film which has been veiled in secrecy sees the avengers join forces with the guardians of the galaxy to stop the super villain Thanos. Actor Dave Batista as Drax revealed he still gets the least amount of love from the costume department.
>> Not only is Drax shirtless, but I've been in the same pants, everybody else has got these new cool costumes. Drax has been in the same dirty pants for four films now.>> Avengers Infinity War opens Friday, its goal to beat Black Panther as the top grossing super hero film of all time.
If not, it still hopes to turn your world upside down.