FIRST AIRED: May 31, 2016

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>> He committed war crimes in Chad. Now he's being brought to justice in Senegal. Chad's ex-president, Hissene Habre, sentenced to life imprisonment on Monday for the rape, sexual slavery and murder of Of thousands of people. It's a landmark for the African legal system, and for the victims sitting in court, it's a long awaited victory.
Reuters correspondent Ed McAllister is in Dakar.>> It's estimated by some that he committed up to 40,000 crimes like this during his eight year rule in Chad in the 1980's. Some of these people have been waiting for decades up to 30 years for justice for what they saw, crimes committed at the beginning of the 80's.
It's a victory for them, it's also a victory for human rights organizations. Human Rights Watch for example, who uncovered a lot of the injustices and abuses. This is the first time that one countries domestic courts have prosecuted the former leader of another on rights charges. Before, cases like this have been charged by international tribunals such as the international criminal court in the Hage.
>> The ICC has been criticized for only trying African dictators or African abuses. This time, this African abuse is being tried in an African court by Africans. And that was seen as a major thing and a key difference that separated this trial from many others.>> As one African trial closes, another begins.
Former Ivory Coast First Lady Simone Gbagbo arriving in court to face allegations of crimes against humanity during the 2011 Civil War. Some say the successful outcome of Habre's trial will bolster this one, as African leaders grow increasingly anxious for the continent to take justice into its own hands