FIRST AIRED: May 31, 2016

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>> The standing ovation for Ukraine's recently returned hero, the former pilot freed last month in a prisoner swap with Russia being sworn in as a law maker, Nadiya Savchenko singing the national anthem.
Reuters Alessandro apprentice in Kiev has been watching the patriotic proceedings.>> As she approached the podium to make her Midan speech in parliament today, she wore a Ukrainian flag over her shoulders. And following the speech, she tore down a poster to her that had been put up while she was in Russian prison and replaced it with a poster of the servicemen and citizens of Ukraine who are still being held in Russian prison.
She has sworn that she will campaign for their release also.>> The navigator was captured whilst fighting pro-Russian separatists in the Donbas region. Accused of unlawfully killing two Russian journalists, Savchenko's vocal resistance to her two year imprisonment, making her a symbol of national pride, but now she's also used her platform in Parliament to target Ukrainian politicians.
>> Savchenko has not directly criticized any particular MP or anyone in Ukraine's leadership. But today in Parliament, she did accuse lawmakers of being lazy school children, who perhaps have not done enough to honor the sacrifices made by those killed here on Midan during the pro-European uprising and also in the Eastern conflict.
>> Her sentiment might be echoed outside the National Parliament. Ukrainians have grown increasingly impatient with the pro-Western leadership that came to power after 2014. Welcomed back as a war hero, Savchenko may soon prove an enemy at the gates for Ukraine's troubled establishment.