FIRST AIRED: May 20, 2016

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>> Bernie Sanders on Thursday, still feeling the ire of Democrats livid over threatening behavior by his supporters last week in Nevada. Party leaders desperate to avoid a repeat at the National Convention demanding Sanders get them in line. But the party facing a much bigger worry, some of them may get in line for Donald Trump.
The chaos putting all eyes on the movement known as Bernie or bust. Reporter, Emily Stevenson.>> Democratic leaders are worried about this Bernie or bust movement. Because they're concerned that people who are Bernie Sanders supporters won't show up in the November general election to vote for Hillary Clinton.
>> Courage and vision.>> Sanders supporters feel like the Democratic party process has been skewed in favor of Hillary Clinton. These are people who are saying that they are gonna vote for Bernie Sanders or nobody else.>> But Trump would like to change their minds.>> Donald Trump, for a while, has been sort of trying to pitch himself to Bernie voters.
He says the Democratic party process is unfair. He makes fun of Democrats for having these super-delegates who can kinda decide who they wanna support. He tries to draw these similarities between him and Sanders as outsider candidates. So he's doing everything he can basically, to provoke these people and keep them from lining up behind Clinton.
>> We must defeat Donald Trump.>> Sanders has condemned Trump left and right on the trail, but the two are in sync in their disdain for trade deals, money and politics, and the loss of blue collar jobs. Clinton, pushing back on CNN Thursday, slamming Trump as unqualified to be president and saying Sanders must do his part to unify Democrats for the fall.