FIRST AIRED: July 7, 2016

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>> What do coffee, Tindr, and Brexit have in common? Well, as of now, young would be voters. Throughout this EU referendum campaign, there has been one message both sides appear to have shared, and that's that people should come out on June 23 and vote. With one problem group in particular.
Those aged between 18 and 24 historically have a low turnout. I'm Reuter's reporter Jay Greece, in a central London coffee shop, with those here hope they may have found some solution.>> Organized by campaign group Bite the Ballot, it's intended to be a town hall meeting of sorts, with coffee and those considered disillusioned.
Everyone by now's probably heard about Brexit. But you do you think current campaigns have failed to really engage young people?>> Both sides overlook them far too long. The very fact that the government come out and has done a rally call. Sort of three, four weeks before the voter registration deadline shows that and the young citizens I've been talking to and the campaign has been coordinating with have said it.
Look they want us now and it feels too little too late. They don't educate us there's nothing in school, I don't even know what the European Union does. In last year's UK general election just 43% of people age 18 to 24 voted.>> Compare that to 78% of those aged over 65.
>> I'm very disappointed with the official campaigns because I think that they they've been driven by fear.>> Those here say this environment in a well known international coffee chain allows a better dialogue.>> I'm getting a wide range of opinions from different people from different backgrounds whereas on the podium, it's essentially one kind of person.
>> Bite The Ballot have also brewed up a collaboration with Tindr, with a fact or fiction quiz doing the rounds on the dating app. And it's the remain campaign in particular that hope to match with this age group. The perceived wisdom is that most young people favor staying in the EU.
Though some recent attempts to strike up a conversation haven't proven an instant hit.