FIRST AIRED: March 17, 2018

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>> French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have vowed to create a roadmap to reform the eurozone by June. But they may struggle to find common ground on the pace and scope of the changes they want to see in Europe. Voices correspondent Richard Lock was in Paris as the pair met.
>> Emmanuel Macron has had to wait patiently for close to six months for Angela Merkel. First to form a coalition, and then be reelected as Chancellor. And now that she is, he's itching to press ahead. His wide sweeping ambitions for European renewal range from immigration policy to defense and security policy.
But it's reform of the eurozone that is central to his goals. To be sure, some changes are already underway, with the creation of a banking union, and plans for a single-deposit insurance scheme. But there is less appetite in Germany and other countries, such as the Netherlands, for some of his bolder ideas.
Such as a European Finance Minister and the budget for the eurozone.>>
> Merkel, who is now reelected to a fourth term as Chancellor, wants to fulfill her incoming government's pledge to deliver a new start for Europe.>> But she faces a delicate balancing act at home.
Members of her own conservative block are wary of deeper European integration. I'm positively allergic to the idea of sharing risk and debt with less financially stable members of the EU.>> There seems to be a growing disconnect between Macron's bold ambitions and what Merkel can help him deliver.
And other members of the eurozone have been keen to remind the press that there are 17 other countries in a single currency block.