FIRST AIRED: July 30, 2017

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olence in the streets of Venezuela in protest of President Nicolas Maduro's controversial vote Sunday to elect a legislative super-body that would have the power to rewrite the constitution and give sweeping authority to his ruling Socialist Party. Voters trickling in as opposition parties boycott what they call a rigged election, clashing with government security forces.
Reuters correspondent Girish Gupta is in Caracas.>> Here in CARACAS you can see youth mainly in balaclava setting fire to trash, they're putting road blocks up. The city has essentially come to a standstill, as has much of the country. But turnout, however, is not that big across the country.
And that's bad news for Nicolas Maduro. Actually just two weeks ago, the opposition held an unofficial referendum, which didn't mean anything, but symbolically was huge. And they showed 7 million people, they said, who did not support today's events.>> The election, part of Maduro's plan to revitalize the OPEC nation that has spiraled into political and economic turmoil under his watch.
Maduro promising peace after voting Sunday. His proposed constituent assembly could not only dissolve the opposition run Congress but delay future elections and prevent Maduro's party from being voted out of power. Global condemnation of the election mounting, the US already sensioning 13 socialist leaders in the country with Washington threatening further action.
>> President Donald Trump of the United States threatened sanctions big, economic sanctions against this country if it went ahead. Economic sanctions could really cripple his country if they go ahead. This country is massively suffering. People earning maybe $10, $20 a month. There are shortages of everything the most basic food stuff from pasta to rice to chicken.
Millions of people suffering from food shortages and extremely anguished.>> Neighboring country Columbia also saying it will not recognize the results of Sunday's vote. Maduro’s constituent assembly is expected to sit within 72 hours of being certified with many seats expected to go to government loyalists and relatives.