FIRST AIRED: August 10, 2017

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>> An inflatable chicken with Trump-like hair spotted outside the White House on Wednesday while President Trump is on a working vacation at his New Jersey golf course.>> I am personally doing this on my own.>> Taran Singh Brar, a California native, takes full responsibility for the oversized bird.
>> Yeah, I brought the chicken out here to make a statement, almost like a visual political protest to critique the President's behavior. He is too afraid to release his tax returns, too afraid to stand up to Putin, and is playing a game of Chicken with North Korea. So, we're out here to make a mockery of that.
>> Brar, who requested a permit for his inflatable bird, hopes that the poultry will encourage others to come together to do a chicken march.>> Everyone's had their march. There's been the Tax March, there's been the Women's March, there's, the President wants a military parade so we're gonna give it to him.
It's gonna have many of these chicken Don's as well as a mock Russian inflatable arms to protect him. The bird making its appearance just day after President Trump said North Korea would be met with, quote, fire and fury, if it threatened the United States again. But to Brar, it's just words.
>> He's a chicken hawk and he's actually pretty insecure as he struts on the world stage. And so the idea is to pierce through the fire hose of lies with an image. As they say, images speak a thousand words.