FIRST AIRED: August 3, 2017

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>> Andreas Christopheros suffered an acid attack at his home in Cornwall in 2014.>> There was a considerable amount of acid. It wasn't just a squashy bottle. It must have been in.>> A case of mistaken identity, it blinded him in one eye. For several years, he quietly set about rebuilding his life.
But a recent spate of attacks persuaded him to join a growing number of survivors calling on the UK government for tougher regulation and harsher sentencing. Crimes using corrosive substances have risen sharply in the UK, doubling in London alone, last year. A knock on the door, I went to open it as I would normally expecting it to be a delivery parcel prior to Christmas.
Instantly received a beaker of sulfuric acid to the face without this guy checking who I was, the only thing he said was this is for you, mate. Pretty much most of my face has been reconstructed out of various bits of skin from my body, surgery-wise, I've must be upwards to 10, 12 operations.
I lost my eyelids three times. Not having eyelids is probably the most tortuous thing I've been through. You can't hide from the light, can't shut your eyes obviously, sleeping is difficult.>> Britain has tight gun controls and has toughened up on knife crime. Some believe that's led gang members to look to corrosive substances which are cheap and easily bought and carried.
>> It's really sad to see what's going on right now. I believe the UK have got their strategy towards this completely wrong. Anyone who carries out an acid attack should serve a life sentence. It is common knowledge that sentencing of this type of crime in the UK isn't as severe as a lot of violent crime.
>> Acid has being used in robberies and random street attacks, too. In July, a 16 year old boy was arrested for helping carry out five acid attacks within 90 minutes in East London.