FIRST AIRED: August 10, 2017

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>> You might need to rethink your brunch this weekend. Two arrests have been made and millions of potentially toxic chicken eggs have been pulled from European supermarket shelves in what's being dubbed, "Europe's Egg Crisis". It started after the Netherlands warned of possible contamination with the harmful insecticide. Now the scare is spreading.
Toxic eggs have likely been exported to Germany, France, Sweden, Switzerland, and Britain. And millions of hens may need to be culled in the Netherlands. Prosecutors say they've conducted eight raids in the Netherlands and Belgium, confiscating cars, seizing bank accounts, and arresting two suspects on Thursday. Directors at Dutch company Chickfriend now at the center of the scandal.
They're charged with threatening public health. Fipronil is a popular insecticide to treat pets for fleas and ticks but it's forbidden for use in the food chain. The World Health Organization says very large quantities can cause organ damage. The European Commission meeting on Thursday to call for decisive action.
Belgium's Prime Minister blaming the Netherlands for not speeding enough in investigation. Many supermarket chains have taken Dutch eggs of their shelves. Germany's Aldi has stopped selling eggs altogether but it doesn't stop there. Potentially contaminated egg-based products could make this a tougher case to crack.