FIRST AIRED: August 10, 2017

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>> Kenya waking up to the smoldering remains of days of unrest surrounding fraud allegations in its Tuesday presidential election. Witnesses say at least four people were killed in protests spanning multiple cities, three thought to be shot dead by police, the fourth killed by protesters. These men are chanting who must go, President Uhuru Kenyatta Kenya's polling chief has confirmed allegations made by Kenyatta's opposition, Raila Odinga, that the election commission did suffer a hacking attempt.
But, they say, the voting system wasn't compromised. Former U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is leading one of the observer missions in the country. He says, if a hacker got in, it still may not affect early polls, giving Kenyatta the lead.>> The question is, were they able to change any material results?
Were they able to change anything and that is measurable.>> Kari also criticized Odingo for making what he called veiled threats. That his supporters might be called up for violence. The campaigns released 50 pages of computer logs, they say proves his theory. But, an independent cyber security expert Reuters spoke with says the evidence is inconclusive.
So far the new violence has been largely contained. Though the country's nervously wary of a repeat of 2007. Then Odenga urged people to take to the streets in another election marred by irregularities. And around 1,200 people were killed in a campaign of ethnic clashes that followed.