FIRST AIRED: August 9, 2017

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>> The little known US territory of Guam suddenly finding itself squarely on the global radar after North Korea threatened a missile strike on the tiny island in the wake of President Trump's stark warning.>> They will be met with fire and fury.>> But Guam is no random target for Kim Jong-un, the island bristles with the kind of American military hardware that would deliver the fire and fury if Trump ever gave the order.
Foreign policy correspondent Matt Spetalnick is following the story.>> There is good reason why North Korea would pick Guam as the target for its latest threats. Guam has been called a permanent US aircraft carrier in the Western Pacific. It is home to a squadron of US nuclear submarines, it houses an American airbase, from which strategic bombers have overflown the Korean Peninsula.
It is home to 6,000 American military personnel, along with 160,000 Guam residents.>> Guam also a popular vacation spot for tourists from South Korea and Japan. And while North Korea has threatened to hit the continental US with a future long-range missile, Guam, 2,000 miles southeast of North Korea, falls within range of its existing arsenal.
Governor Eddie Calvo, on Wednesday, reminding Kim Jong-un, targeting the island would come at a brutal cost.>> An attack or threat on Guam, is a threat or attack on the United States.>> There is every reason for the residents of Guam to be concerned. And at the same time, Secretary of State Tillerson has indicated that they are completely under the protective umbrella of the United States.
>> Guam also one of several places the US has deployed missile defense systems to try to intercept any incoming attack from Pyongyang.