FIRST AIRED: July 28, 2017

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>> President Donald Trump's Republicans wondering what now, after their seven year effort to repeal Obamacare collapses, defeated by the man they once nominated for President. I'm Andy Sullivan, in Washington, where it's all over but the finger pointing. Republicans left with plenty of painful questions after their attempt to roll back President Obama's Affordable Care Act falling apart in the Senate.
Senator John McCain, who faced Obama in the 2008 presidential election, casting the deciding vote.>> No.>> Ensuring that Obama's signature legislative achievement remains the law of the land for the forseeable future. This just days after McCain, battling cancer, cast the deciding vote to begin the debate. Another moment of high drama for the country's most famous war hero.
McCain in the twilight of his career, clearly not concerned with the political fall out of the Republican's bracing for the backlash. The Republicans eight page plan, the so-called Skinny Repeal, failing by 49-51 in a late night Senate vote. A clear setback for Senate Republican leader, Mitch McConnell. For years viewed as a master tactician, unable to deliver when it mattered most.
Senators being asked to vote for a patched together bill they clearly didn't like. Some, like Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, saying they would only vote for it if they knew it wouldn't actually become law. McConnell already facing calls to step down. Alabama representative Moe Brooks who's running for the senate saying it's time for new leadership.
President Trump also failing to deliver as he feuds with members of his administration and allies on Capitol Hill. Trump's trash talk possibly coming back to haunt him. McCain, once the target of the Presidents insults about his military service, reportedly taking a call from Trump as the bill hung in the balance.
Returning to the Senate floor to seal its fate with a thumbs down as McConnell looked on.>> No.>> Saying it's time to work with Democrats to shore up Obamacare, but Trump is not eager to act.>> I said from the beginning, let Obamacare implode.>> Trump has already taken steps to weaken Obamacare, hoping that will give him greater leverage to cut a deal with Democrats.
In the meantime, many of the 20 million Americans who get their coverage through the law face rising costs and continued uncertainty. As Obama found out when he was in office, voters expect the people in power to fix any shortcomings in the United States' patchwork healthcare systems. That means they're counting on Trump to fix the situation whether he likes it or not.