FIRST AIRED: August 4, 2017

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>> English or French?
You cannot cross, if you cross they will arrest you, sir.>> This man is one of hundreds of Haitians fleeing northward from the United States into Canada. A sudden influx in Haitians crossing over where New York State meets the province of Quebec has led Canadian police to set up a tent at the border to begin processing the arrivals who are then taken to Montreal's Olympic Stadium.
For many Haitians who are now crossing into Canada, this trip is just another step in a longer journey. Reuters correspondent Anna in Toronto.>> More than 50,000 Haitians have been living in the United States under temporary protected status since an earthquake devastated Haiti in 2010. But that status is set to expire in January and hundreds of Haitians are now streaming across the Canada-US border into Quebec hoping to file refugee claims in Canada.
>> Earlier this year, US authorities began telling those who fled the earthquake seven years ago to start getting their travel documents in order for their return to Haiti. Many appear to have chosen Canada instead.>> I found that Canada was the best option for me and my family.
You guys understand humanitarian unlike the United States. You treat people as human beings.>> They are just the latest group to begin leaving the US for Canada.>> These Haitians are among the more than 4,300 people who have walked across the US border into Canada since January of this year.
Many of them who have spoken to Reuters say they are fleeing US President Donald Trump's immigration crackdown. They come from Somalia, Barunze, Pakistan, Honduras, they all say they hope to achieve refugee status in Canada but having gone through the United States first puts them at a disadvantage. And the growing influx of asylum seekers has worsened delays for those waiting to have their claims heard.
>> A community group in Montreal that is helping settle the newcomers telling Reuters, they've seen 400 to 500 Haitian asylum seekers walking into Quebec in the past week. Quebec's immigration minister saying the province is getting up to 150 refugee claims per day.>> A quarter of these people, generally, are children.
They're children that are gonna need to go to school. We want to make sure our schools are ready to receive them.>> Overall, Canada's on track this year to have the most asylum claims in almost a decade.