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I hear are the honor serving in and Attorney General and I plan to continue to do so as long as don that is appropriate Attorney General just session thing he plans to stay on the job after president Donald Trump that he shouldn't have hired him rebuked one of his most loyal and effective cabinet members I made a hell of a Washington were prompted stringing up to be a nightmare of a boss demanding loyalty but providing little in return his interview with The New York Times just the latest example of where he's thrown his team under the bus he routinely contradict his White House spokesman another Congress trumpet signed off on attack ads against his fellow Republicans and he's criticized them for passing legislation after he urged them to pass it trump remains popular with his Republican base outside of Washington but those in this town are realizing that they cannot count on him to have their facts , well sections with one of trump's earliest supporters in the twenty six election and Attorney General has been out front and many of prompt pop priority like the travel ban in going after sanctuary city the prop making it clear he won't forget the Attorney General for recusing himself from the Russia pro telling The New York Times he wished he had never given him the job sessions has already offered to resign once this latest move undercutting of authority in spurring a new round of questions about how long he'll remain in office drum also creating new headaches current lawyer that he put himself at risk for obstruction of justice warning special prosecutor Robert Muller not to look into the trunk family finances the Russia probe also putting family members and advisors in jeopardy sunlight here Kushner preparing for a closed door grilling by the Senate intelligence committee next Monday well former campaign manager Paul made up for it consent Donald junior called to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee