FIRST AIRED: July 22, 2017

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>> Republicans and Democrats have reached an agreement on legislation that allows new sanctions against Russia, punishing the country for its election interference and regional aggression. The bill includes sanctions against Iran and now also North Korea, leading Congressional Democrats said on Saturday>> I have no dealings with Russia
>> The bill would also limit any potential effort by President Donald Trump to try to lift sanctions against Moscow. The bill passed the Senate a month ago but was held up in the House of Representatives after Republicans proposed including North Korea sanctions in the bill. Both chambers of Congress will have to pass the revised legislation.
In a statement Saturday, House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi expressed concern that including North Korea might delay the bill in the Senate. Still, many lawmakers hope the bill will send a message to President Donald Trump, who has to either sign or veto the legislation to keep a strong line against Russia.
The President continues to knock down story after story about his campaign's contact with Russian officials. And still characterizes the investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller into possible election meddling and collusion with the Kremlin as fake news. As the probe heats up, on Saturday the President, seeming to confirm reports that he's been looking into the possibly of pardoning his aides, family, and even himself, tweeting, quote, the U.S. President has the complete power to pardon.