FIRST AIRED: August 3, 2017

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>> The investigation into Russia's interference in the 2016 election, and any ties to the Trump campaign, potentially kicking into high gear. Reuter's exclusively reporting Thursday that Grand Jury Subpoenas have been issued related to the meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and a kremlin linked Russian lawyer. Two sources telling Reuters that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has convened a grand jury in Washington to investigate the allegations of Russian meddling and whether there was any collusion with Donald Trump's presidential campaign.
Reuters justice correspondent Julia Edwards Ainsley.>> Using a grand jury to issue subpoenas means that this case has already come to a point where Mueller thinks that he could get criminal convictions or criminal indictments against some of these people that he has been subpoenaing through the grand jury process.
This brings a whole new level to the investigation, while we knew that Mueller was probing for interference of the Russians in the 2016 election and for possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, this leads us to the point where we can see that Mueller has actually made progress in that second piece in the collusion piece.
These subpoenas are specifically to people who appeared in a June 2016 meeting between the Trump campaign and a Russian lawyer. This leads us to believe that Mueller sees that meeting as significant, and wants to compel these people to provide more information.>> Russia if you're listening->> The Wall Street Journal also citing two sources, reporting that the grand jury began its work weeks ago.
But White House special counsel Ty Cobb in a statement says he was not aware Mueller had started using a grand jury, adding he has no reason to believe President Trump is under investigation. Moscow has denied that it sought to influence the 2016 election, which President Vladimir Putin reinforced to Trump in person when they met at the G20.
President Trump also has repeatedly disputed allegations of collusion, often calling the investigation a witch hunt.