FIRST AIRED: July 27, 2017

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>> With virtual reality shaping up to be the next hot frontier in entertainment, a new space in New York City is looking to capitalize on the trend. I'm Havovi Cooper for Reuters at VR World, which offers 50 virtual reality-based experiences. Everything from shooting zombies to racing cars, and even virtual rock climbing.
Technicians at VR World suit you up with the gear, headsets, and hand controllers, and then you're on your way. In my case, dangling thousands of feet above the ground in the Amazon forest. The fall is insane. The experience doesn't look scary to an onlooker, but once those headsets go on, it can leave you breathless.
And if you want to try something a little less nerve-wracking, there's always Fruit Ninja. A popular phone app designed for those who want to while away the hours slashing fruit. This location, which opened just a few weeks ago, is the largest venue for virtual reality games in North America, charging players $39 a day.
ere do they come from? No! It was a shooting game with robots that are designed to be friendly. But it's kind of like I, Robot, they all went bad up and and they start attacking you. It was a lot of fun, and it was crazy. It's interesting how submerged you become into world.
You almost feel like every step you take is actually real.>> CEO, Yasser Ghanchi says that even as VR becomes more popular, it still remains a mystery for many.>> Consumers aren't fully aware of what virtual reality offers. I think they've read about it, I think they've seen it as plot lines in TV shows.
But it's still something that's new. So, I would say the vast, vast majority of the people who walk in our doors and buy a ticket, they've never put on a headset before.>> Big tech companies are trying to change that. Facebook is preparing to unveil a new, cheaper Oculus headset for $200 in 2018, which will not need to be rigged to a high-end gaming PC.
>> I got you.>> In the meantime, this arcade allows you to test out the technology, if you've got the nerve.>> All right, do you wanna keep walking a little bit more?>> Nope!
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