FIRST AIRED: July 21, 2017

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>> Hey. One by one!>> NGOs struggling to rescue African migrants attempting to cross the Mediterranean may be on a literal collision course with their biggest detractors. A crew of far right youth activists from Europe and North America say they planned to use their own rented boat to monitor the aid workers.
They accuse of assisting human traffickers at sea. The millennials are part what's called the Identitarian Movement, a name derived from their claimed role as defenders of Europe's identity.>> And soon the people who've been living here for thousands of years will be an endangered minority in their own countries
>> Reuters Steve Scherer in Rome has met with some the activists.>> What I think is interesting about the Identitarian Movement and this mission is that they're actually doing what a lot of right wing politicians say should be done. So they're raising money, and they're going out and they're pointing a finger at the NGOs.
They are saying that people need to be returned to Libya. That initially was their objective was to return migrants to Libya. But they've had to review that because that would be a breach of International Law. The Identitarians say they will be at sea for about 10 days, they may renew their mission if it's successful.
How that success will be defined however is less clear. While still with distinct minority, anti migrant groups have enjoyed rising popularity ahead of elections next year, but have no true victories to show for their crusade.>> NGOs have been under fire since February really here in Italy, and there's been a media campaign.
And there's been a lot of accusations even by chief prosecutors. But there's been no proof, there's been no evidence that they've done anything wrong.>> A spokesperson for one of the NGOs, SOS Mediterranee, told Reuters that any interference in their operations could further endanger the lives of the migrants.