FIRST AIRED: August 8, 2017

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>> In less than a week James Damore went from being vilified on social media to being fired by Google to getting a job offer from WikiLeaks, all for the same reason. A ten page memo obtain Gizmodo arguing that men maybe more biologically suited for coding jobs than women, and that Google is hostile to such conservative views.
Reuters correspondent Dave Ingram says those views are stirring up a range of reactions.>> People on the far right are supporting Damore, saying that he is a brave person who spoke out for diversity of viewpoint for conservatives at Google, who maybe felt silenced by the overall liberal atmosphere at a major Silicon Valley company.
Others have said that he created a toxic environment at Google and needed to be fired. Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, offered Damore a job, saying that censorship is for losers.>> Legal experts say that companies do have broad latitude to restrict the speech of employees, but Damore said he would fight the dismissal.
>> It would be really difficult for this engineer to sue and to get any kind of remedy for having been fired. The employee could try to make an argument that he was engaged in a protected kind of activity, where he was working with his co-workers to discuss and make improvements to the workplace environment.
Legal experts say that might be a difficult argument for him to make, given that his comments were so divisive. The buzz around the memo shining a spotlight on what many critics call the lack of diversity and male dominated culture of Silicon Valley. Less than a third of Google's global employees are women