FIRST AIRED: August 9, 2017

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> A victory for Mazda and a breakthrough for the auto industry. The Japanese car maker is claiming a first, saying it will debut a new generation of fuel efficient petrol engines for commercial use. The Skyactiv-X will offer up to 30% greater fuel efficiency than current Mazda models.
Reuters correspondent Chang-Ran Kim explains how that's possible.>> So with most gasoline engines, you need a spark in order to ignite the fuel, the gasoline. And what Mazda's new engine does is it uses compression to do that. So basically you're getting fuel to burn leaner, and that makes the engine more fuel efficient and cleaner.
>> Mazda aims to roll out cars with the new engine from 2019, putting it ahead of big arrivals like Daimler and General Motors, and realizing an idea that's been in the works for decades.>> It is surprising that they pulled this off, but only because so many others have tried and failed.
But in a way it isn't, because this is a small company, but they're also a very proud company, and they're particularly proud of their engine technology. That's what they want to be known for, I mean, they've spent a lot of R&D and marketing dollars on basically backing up their tagline, which is Zoom, Zoom.
>> While the industry is increasingly focused on going green, Mazda's announcement puts more traditional engines at the forefront. But the company is ramping up investment in electric as well. Just last week it said it would work with Toyota to develop electric vehicles and build a1.6 billion dollar plant in the U.S.