FIRST AIRED: August 8, 2017

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>> The first full day of the Taylor Swift trial underway in Denver, Tuesday. The pop singer in court to take on a radio DJ she says groped her bare behind at a public event. Her staff complained about the DJ who was subsequently fired. 55-year-old David Mueller is suing Swift for lost income and damages, denying he did anything wrong.
Swift is counter suing for $1 claiming assault and battery, more intent on bringing the issue of sexual harassment to the forefront. Reuters' Keith Coffman is at the courthouse. Ms Swift's lawyer, Douglas Baldridge, made it clear that Ms Swift was absolutely certain that this guy had grabbed her and groped her, and he's in this strictly, strictly for the money, lots millions of dollars, what Mr. Baldridge said today.
For his part, Mr. Mueller's lawyer, Gabe McFarland, he told the juries, let's clear it, inappropriate touching is offensive as it should be. But it's equally offensive to be falsely accused of doing something like that.>> The A person jury presented with a key piece of evidence. A photo posted on the website, TMZ, of the moment the alleged groping took place.
Muller and Swift both facing forward, his arm appearing to reach behind her lower half. A circus-like atmosphere, so far averted, with only about two dozen Swift fans on hand to see the star.>> Yesterday, during jury selection, she was very stoic, wasn't moving around a lot. Today, she was a lot more animated.
She was rifling through papers at the desk, talking with her attorneys, chatting with her mother. Her mother is sitting next to her. She appears all business like and in her attire as well. She's wearing business suits today, and very conservatively dressed.>> Mueller testified Tuesday. Swift is also expected to take the stand during the trial.