FIRST AIRED: August 7, 2017

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>> President Trump under growing pressure this week to come up with a strategy for America's longest war as he faces the same question faced by two Presidents before him. How to win the war in Afghanistan. Reuters Pentagon correspondent Adriz Ali.>> He basically has to figure out how many troops to send, how fast to send them, and whether to send them at all.
Because the situation in Afghanistan has deteriorated over the past few years. And now it's his responsibility as Commander in Chief to come up with a strategy, not just for Afghanistan but for the broader region within which he'll either decide to or not to send troops into Afghanistan.>> Reuters has conducted more than a dozen interviews with current and former US officials and they reveal President deeply frustrated with the lack of options to win this 16 year old war.
Which has been described internally as an eroding stalemate.>> The current situation in Afghanistan has deteriorated in the past few years where we've seen a resurgent Taliban militancy retaking a decent amount of land. We've seen a high casualty rate in the past few years for Afghan troops. The other factor in this is the Islamic state.
And while they don't have a large sort of stronghold within Afghanistan, they have carried out a number of attacks in the past few weeks, which just shows that they sort of do have abilities. While they're not a massive threat, they do have capabilities within the country and within the region.
>> Last month Trump floated the idea of firing the Commander of US forces in Afghanistan. Telling Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, quote, we aren't winning. Beyond the issue of sending more troops, divisions have also emerged inside the White House over how much pressure to put on Pakistan in order to address to address militant safe havens blamed for helping prolong Afghanistan's war.
Sources say the discussions over strategy could drag out for the rest of the summer blowing past the mid July deadline to present a plan to an increasingly impatient congress.>> We need more trips