FIRST AIRED: July 25, 2017

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>> Why did Ukrainian forces give up Crimea without a fight in 2014? And how does it relate to why NATO is alert to Russia's actions now in Eastern Europe? The career of Serge Yelisséeff helps to explain both. He was number two in the Ukrainian Navy when Russia ceased Crimea.
Only to defect when put to the test. He was awarded a new job for it, Deputy Chief of Russia's Baltic Fleet. It didn't come as a surprise to those who once served along side of him.>>
> When he took an oath of allegiance to Ukraine these were empty words for him.
He was always pro-Russian.>> It illustrates the divided royalties that some personnel and countries that once belonged to the Soviet Union might still face. Yelisséeff was just one of many to defect, and almost all Ukrainian forces in Crimea failed to resist. Russia's tactics weren't the only reason Ukraine's military had suffered years of neglect.
There was a power vacuum in Kiev, and many Crimean residents felt more affinity with Moscow. But Russia worked hard to undermine military loyalty sources told Reuters. Exploiting weaknesses and making attractive offers.>> Post an apartment, they offered me to stand Simferopol if I wanted. Accion have offered to make me a defense minister of Crimea.
>> The Russian Defense Ministry didn't respond to questions on their account of events. But now NATO military plan is believed it's looking to reuse the tactics. One commander told Reuters Moscow intelligence is trying to recruit it ethnic Russians in the military of countries on it's borders. The Baltic states are thought to be particularly at risk.
Officials there are playing it down, but if a new confrontation should break out with the west, these people could prove valuable and NATO is being advised to keep guard.