FIRST AIRED: July 27, 2017

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>> The battle against leaks from the White House exposing a power struggle at the highest level of President Trump's staff as newly anointed communication director Anthony Scaramucci steps up to lead the crusade against leakers. Scaramucci Wednesday night tweeting that the publication of his financial disclosure form was a felony and raising eyebrows for tagging White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus in the tweet.
Reuter's White House correspondent Aisha Rasco.>> He later said that he wasn't trying to say that Reince was the leaker. He was saying that trying to alert the Officials in the administration that there were leaks and that this was an issue for him. So, I think he's really been on a rampage since he, and he hasn't officially started yet but since he was named communications director saying that he's gonna crack down on these leaks.
>> But despite the explanation, rumors of in-fighting continue to swirl. As Priebus reportedly objected to Scaramucci's appointment. The House Speaker on Thursday, even forced to address the tension. I've only heard about this. I"m not sure what the whole interplay is. All I would say is as you know, Reince is a very close friend of mine.
If those two gentlemen have differences, my advice would be to sit down and settle your differences.>> Most White Houses, they do have leaks. Most of the time, they're kind of strategic. They're things that maybe the White House wants to get out, maybe they want to float a trial balloon for some policy or some appointment.
This White House seems to have people talking about the inner workings, kind of back biting and sniping at one another behind the scenes. The rise of Scaramucci is probably not a good sign for Reince. Scaramucci has said that he doesn't know whether his relationship with Reince is reparable at this point.
He kind of alluded that he might be a leaker. So it's unclear how these two men are gonna work together in the White House. When asked whether Trump still had confidence in his chief of staff, White House Spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders couldn't really say.>> If the President doesn't, then he'll make that decision.
We all serve at the pleasure of the President and if he gets to a place where that isn't the case, he'll let you know.