FIRST AIRED: February 8, 2017

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>> Coretta Scott King.>> A showdown on the Senate floor after Democrats bruising defeat over Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos, Senator Elizabeth Warren on Tuesday taking on her senate colleague, Attorney General nominee, Jeff Sessions. Reading a damning letter about Sessions from Coretta Scott King in 1986 that was then used to keep Sessions from a federal judgeship.
>> They are mothers, daughters, sisters, fathers, sons and brother.>> Mr President>> They are>> Majority leader.>> Mr President.>> The majority leader, Mitch McConnell, stepping in.>> The Senator has impugned the motives and conduct of our colleague from Alabama as warned by the chair.>> The Senate voting to silence Warren using an obscure Senate rule that says you can't impugn the motives of another Senator.
>> I am surprised that the words of Coretta Scott King are not suitable for debate in the United States Senate. I ask leave of the Senate, to continue my remarks.>> Object.>>
]>> I appeal the ruling.>> Object.>> Objection is heard.>> The Senator will take her seat.
>> The Senator will take her seat.>> McConnell's subsequent explanation has become an unintentional rallying cry online. She was warned, he was quoted as saying. She was given an explanation, nevertheless, she persisted. Now people are sharing that line, she persisted, along side photos of other notably persistent women throughout history.
After the vote, Warren went outside the Senate chamber to finish reading the letter.>> To direct the drive for votes and other rights.>> A final vote on Sessions is expected Wednesday.