FIRST AIRED: February 17, 2017

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>> It is unprecedented for the minority->> A last ditch effort by senate Democrats to delay and possibly derail the confirmation of President Trump's pick to lead the Environmental Protection Agency failing, with Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, confirmed Friday. Republican Senators pushing ahead with the chamber's vote, despite a sudden order from an Oklahoma district judge late Thursday, directing Pruitt to turn over thousands of emails and sending Democratic Senators scrambling in an all night session in an attempt to postpone Pruitt's vote.
>> The judge has demanded that Mr. Pruitt cough up more than thousands of emails pertaining to his cozy relationship with big oil, emails that he has been hiding from Oklahoma open records requests for over two years. But the republican leadership, not interested in waiting.>> A letter signed by nearly 800 former officials, many of them one time EPA workers, was also sent to the Senate, urging them to reject Pruitt.
With the New York Times reporting that current EPA workers called their Senators, urging them to do the same. Democrats and environmentalists were enraged by Pruitt's nomination, citing his having sued the EPA, the very agency he will now lead, at least 14 times, often in tandem with fossil fuel companies looking to block environmental regulations.
He has also questioned global warming, and is a major force behind trying to undo former President Barrack Obama's climate change policies.