FIRST AIRED: February 16, 2017

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>> By dropping a US commitment to a two state solution for Israelis and Palestinians, US President Donald Trump has gone where many world leaders have feared to tread. A simple comment that he'd be open to a so called single state, if all parties agreed to it, said next to Israeli counterpart, Benjamin Netanyahu.
Forcing forward questions of national identity and religion that cut to the very core of the conflict. The United Nations, Arab League and Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas all issuing statements on Thursday, in support of the two state process, backed by three successive US Presidents. The chief Palestinian negotiator, voicing a warning just hours before Trump and Netanyahu met.
>> Those who believe that they can undermined the two state solution and replace it with, what I call, one state, two systems, maintaining the status quo now, apartheid, I don't think in the 21st century, they will get away with it. It's impossible.>> But after two decades, efforts to create a two state system have made little progress despite an exhaustive international effort.
Netanyahu didn't openly agree with Trump during the news conference. But back home, Israel's far right lauded it. The leader of the ultra nationalist Jewish home party writing online that the Palestinian flag has been lowered and replaced with Israel's. Netanyahu is dependent on the party to maintain his ruling coalition.
He first conditionally backed Palestinian statehood in 2009. And didn't explicitly rule out a homeland for the the Palestinians during his talks with Trump. But the term, two state, was meticulously avoided in his remarks.