FIRST AIRED: February 23, 2017

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>> Did Apple hold back on packing new features into the iPhone 7 so it could sell more of the tenth anniversary iPhone? I'm Stephen Nellis with Reuters News in San Francisco. A bunch of new features are expected in the upcoming tenth anniversary of iPhone. These might include, 3D facial recognition, fingerprint scanner that's underneath the glass, a new OLED curve display.
A lot of a new features expected in upcoming iPhone, have actually been in other phones from other makers before. For example, Samsung is said wireless charging for several years, OLED displays. Curved ones even have been coming on Samsung phones for several years as well. The Google Tango phone made by Lenovo actually has a 3D mapping capability in it.
So there's a history of Apple actually waiting a little bit to put technologies in its phone. Great example, Near Field Communication chips and fingerprint sensors. Those were in Samsung phones first, however, Apple waited a bit, introduced them and then made it the cornerstone of Apple Pay which is actually now the most commonly accepted mobile payment system in the US.
A huge proportion of iPhones, something like 40% are more than two years old. Apple knows this and they've kind of timed all these new features into a phone that'll be coming out right when the everybody really needs an upgrade, right one when they're sure to get a lot of fanfare for the tenth anniversary of the iPhone.