FIRST AIRED: February 19, 2017

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>> The president of the United States.>> A month after taking office, the president of the United States threw himself a campaign rally. On Saturday in Melbourne, Florida, President Trump, who's spending his third weekend in a row at his golf club Mar-a-Lago, sounded comforted by being among supporters.
>> I wanna be among my friends and among the people. And I am here to tell you about our incredible progress.>> Part progress report, part airing of grievances, the speech followed a similar pattern to any Trump campaign rally. Only this time, he's the President.>> We are not going to let the fake news tell us what to do, how to live, or what to believe.
>> There was no mention Saturday of the turmoil that's rocked the White House, from low approval ratings to reports of dysfunction and infighting. To Michael Flynn's resignation or candidates turning down offers to replace him. Instead,>> The White House is running so smoothly.>> Trump making his frustrations abundantly clear, either with the judiciary, which halted his immigration ban.
>> Suspend the entry of all aliens.>> Or his impatience with the democrats.>> Stop their tactics of delay and obstruction and destruction. They gotta get on with it.>> And while the President touted promises made, like pulling the US from the TPP agreement, he also painted a grim picture of America that was a staple of his speeches before he took over.
>> We don't fight to win. We fight politically correct wars, we don't win anymore, we don't win a trade, we don't win in any capacity, we don't win anymore, we're gonna start winning again.>> Saturday, yet another example of how President Trump seems to be having trouble letting go of campaign Trump, or maybe there's no trouble at all.
Trump telling reporters before the speech, quote, life is a campaign.