FIRST AIRED: February 15, 2017

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made its name as the most indestructible mobile phone in history, and now the Nokia 3310's allegedly making a comeback. The news revealed by well known tech leaker, Evan Blass on the VentureBeat site. This rumored new version will be sold by HMD Global Oy, the Finnish company that bought the rights to the Nokia name in December.
Reuters bureau chief Yousuf Rosenthal is following the story in Helsinki.>> Yeah, 3310 was a launched in year 2000 and it was actually the world's most sold phone in the following years. And at that time, it was basically just a well-designed, durable phone with a very long battery life, at least, compared to the current smartphones.
And also it was designed in a way that you could use it with just one hand.>> Affectionately known as the brick, the Nokia 3310 was loved for its incredibly long battery life, its extremely durable body, and of course, the addictive game Snake Two. 126 million units were bought around the globe.
Reports suggest this latest handset could go on sale for 50 Pounds.>> Although Nokia, as a company, quit the handset market already a few years ago, it remains a cheaper kind of feature phones that are sold mainly in Asia. But the return of this kind of classic model, for that, the target could be a growing audience of people who just feel that a smartphone is an addiction.
And the people who want to be able to be contacted but don't want to be addicted to their smartphones day and night.>> The unverified report says the phone's expected to be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at the end of the month. Those craving a blast from the past will have to wait until then for the big reveal.