FIRST AIRED: February 15, 2017

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>> Film goers in Berlin, taken inside an apartment in Syria
ile war rages outside. Seen through the eyes of a mother trying to survive the ongoing civil war, Insyriated moved audiences when it screened at the Berlin Film Festival. Lead actress Hiam Abbass seeing it for the first time too, and hoping it will humanize the plight of Syrian refugees.
>> I'm really sad to say that I was very happy yesterday because of the reaction of the people. For me it was the first time I discovered the movie with the audience as well and somehow the silence after the screening of people say they old. I, myself, was speechless after.
>> While Insyriated is a tense and claustrophobic film, take on the refugee crisis is a dark comedy.>>
> I live here, this is my bedroom.>> No way.>> His approach no less effective and with his popularity as a director, an entry in the main competition, his film gained plenty of attention.
I'm Reuters reporter Sarah Mills at the Berlin a festival known for its political heart.>> Do you wanna fight?>> But I'm bigger.>> So what?
At his film's fittingly fun news conference, the Finnish stars, saying he hopes to change the world.>> And I was lucky to-
>> Through humor, Syrian asylum seeker Kalid's experience in Helsinki unfolds. The actor himself escaped his home in Syria before war broke out. Two different films putting the focus in Berlin on the refugees.