FIRST AIRED: February 16, 2017

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well report linking eight close to president Donald Trump with Russian spies reading new alarms about Moscow's alleged meddling in the U. S. presidential campaign I many Sullivan in Washington with the White House already in full blown crisis mode over the departure of national security adviser Michael Lind the thing in new onslaught of questions over its ties to Russia specifically whether the trunk team colluded with Moscow to help win last year's presidential election , trump responding on Twitter calling the Russian connection a conspiracy and disrupting the report says fake news , the New York times late Tuesday night setting for current and former US officials saying that members of trump's campaign and other associates had repeated contact with senior Russian intelligence officials in the year before the election , CNN following up with a report that high level trump advisors were in constant communication during the campaign with Russians nobody US intelligence former truck campaign manager Paul mana port identified as one person in contact with Moscow metaphor denying knowingly speaking with any members of Russian intelligence both news outlets betraying US intelligence sources as alarmed by the communication because they came while the FBI was investigating Russian cyber attacks on the Democratic Party officials telling The New York Times the of yet found no evidence of cooperation , Moscow , silent so proper the White House on the latest developments but not from trump himself the president saying on Twitter that the leaks rather than the content of those weeks is the real scandal that should be investigated once again accusing the intelligence community of interfering another question likely to come out today why did the White House keep vice president Mike pence out of the loop it was tenth after all who went on national television to defend Planned after questions started surfacing about those phone calls but once the White House found out that when wasn't telling the truth they didn't help pest about it for nearly two weeks people in Washington pay attention to the sort of thing and if they think that pan isn't a valuable member of the White House team they're less likely to work with him on tax reform healthcare and other difficult issues at the top of the Republican agenda on top of everything else the White House needs to give it its Republican allies that it isn't hanging pans out to dry