FIRST AIRED: February 7, 2017

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>> Donald Trump Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch, on Capitol Hill this week courting Senate votes, but inescapable as he makes the rounds. Awkward questions about Trump's attacks on the US court system after a setback for his bombshell immigration order. Trump accusing Federal Judge, James Robart, of putting Americans in danger and suggesting his ruling takes law enforcement away from our country even though an appeals court much like the one Gorsuch currently sits on refused to stay the ruling as it considered an appeal.
Democrats asking, can Gorsuch stand up to the man who picked him for the high court? Supreme Court correspondent, Lawrence Hurley.>> Gorsuch is going to be trying to win over a few of the Democratic Senators to help secure his confirmation. So, he needs to sort of say to them, I'm an independent man, I'm a principled judge, I'm not a political hack.
Obviously, he doesn't wanna upset the President either who nominated him, who's known as being a little bit sensitive about these things, so he's kind of got a careful avenue he has to go down.>> Trump's Twitter rant drawing outrage from Democrats who said he was interfering with the judiciary.
>> There's some evidence that Democrats actually may be misguided in suggesting that Gorsuch would be a Trump crony because his track record as a conservative judge who believes in limited Federal powers suggests that he could actually vote against Trump if a big case came up before the Supreme Court, maybe including this immigration ban case were it to get to the court after he's confirmed.
>> Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer taking up the torch saying in a statement, with each action testing the Constitution, and each personal attack on a judge, President Trump raises the bar even higher for Judge Gorsuch's nomination to serve on the Supreme Court.>> Gorsuch has a pretty good chance of getting through.
I mean, almost certain to get through actually, to be honest. There's one way in which if he gets some Democratic votes he could get through pretty easily and pretty quickly. But even if he doesn't get any Democratic votes, the Republicans have enough votes to they could push it through with a change to Senate rules.
>> That would then set a new precedent for future nominations where you only need a 51 vote majority to get someone through.>> But Republicans would like to avoid that so called nuclear option if they can. So are hoping Gorsuch can come up with the right answers when asked about Trump's respect for the judiciary.
>> Many times during the