FIRST AIRED: February 20, 2017

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>> A diplomatic row is escalating between Malaysia and North Korea over the death of Kim Jong Nam. The half-brother of the North Korean leader was killed in Malaysia's Kuala Lumpur International Airport on February 13th. Malaysia recalling its envoy from Pyongyang and summoning North Korea's ambassador in Kuala Lumpur.
Reuters' Asia desk editor Simon Cameron Moore is in Singapore.>> Well, this has erupted into a serious diplomatic spat. North Korea says it does not trust the probe by the Malaysian police and has accused Malaysian authorities of colluding with external forces. It also insists that the victim is not North Korean Kim Jong Un's half-brother, but is a North Korean citizen called Kim Chol, the name given in the dead man's passport.
Police have detained four people so far, and are hunting for four North Koreans who fled the country on the day of the attack. Meanwhile, CCTV footage, which allegedly shows the assaults on the North Korean leader's half-brother, emerging on Monday.>> The airport camera footage provides the best images yet of what happened.
Clearly, he was assaulted from one woman from behind, and there was a second woman close by when the scuffle took place, though it's unclear what role she played. Both walked away swiftly in different directions after the assault. The Malaysian police have, of course, arrested two women. And from Reuters own reporting of the media accounts, it seems they claim they had been tricked into believing they were taking part in the filming of a reality TV prank show or a commercial for perfume.
>> North Korean officials have tried to prevent Malaysia from carrying out an autopsy on the victim, demanding the body be handed over directly. The row over the investigation putting North Korea at risk of becoming even more isolated internationally.