FIRST AIRED: February 7, 2017

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>> The legal showdown over President Trump's temporary travel ban getting pushed out Tuesday when a US Federal Appeals Court will hear arguments. Late on Monday, the Trump administration making its case that the President has authority over which immigrants and refugees get into the US, saying the court should defer to the President's decision.
That in a brief filed with the Appeals Court as it tries to reverse a Seattle judge's ruling, blocking Trump's order. The ruling Friday allowing into the US many who were in limbo in the past week, after the bombshell move temporarily banning immigrants from seven mainly Muslim countries and nearly all refugees.
Reuters' legal correspondent, Dan Levine says the brief also has a new twist.>> The Justice Department said that if Trump's order should be limited in scope at all, then people who've already been granted entry into the country and are either abroad now, or want to go and come back, should be allowed to do so, which is language they hadn't used before, so we'll see how significant that turns out to be.
>> For now, the window has been extended for those hit by the Trump travel ban to get into the US, like Aquel Aziz, whose two Yemeni sons made it onto US soil after they were denied entry last week, turned around at Dulles International Airport in Virginia. So, what can we expect from the ninth US Circuit Court of Appeals in San Fransisco?
>> So the three judge panel that gonna hear it tomorrow is a Carter appointee, a W Bush appointee and an Obama appointee, all of them are fairly moderate, none of them are the most left wing or right wing judges on the court, it's a little bit more towards the center.
>> This legal battle one of many stems from a lawsuit by the Washington state attorney general, which was later joined by Minnesota, and on Monday 16 attorneys general from California from Pennsylvania filed a brief supporting them. Over a hundred companies including tech giants Apple, Google, and Microsoft and even Tesla, whose CEO Elon Musk sits on the President's advisory board, also filed a brief in support.
The courtroom drama will kick off at 6 PM eastern time Tuesday. Whatever the ruling at the Appeals Court, this case seems destined to ultimately reach the US Supreme Court.