FIRST AIRED: February 7, 2017

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>> Donald Trump's travel ban sparking anxiety among young students in Indonesia. The best and brightest hailing from the world's largest Muslim population. Indonesia isn't on the ban list of seven Muslim majority countries, but it's got ambitious young people rethinking their goals, even after years of work in English proficiency tests.
24-year-old Bachtiar Asrul planed to pursue his masters in banking in the US, setting aside 50 grand for tuition after he was accepted to Boston University, now he feels unwelcome.>> This has become my prime concern, I'm Indonesian, an Asian, and a Muslim. People can tell that I'm from outside America.
It will be challenging for me to adapt to the States, even though at first I thought it wouldn't be a problem because I felt that America was open minded. Asrul says he may head to Queen Mary University in London instead since he secured a UK student visa.>> The incumbent London mayor is of Pakistani descent.
London has set a precedent to show the world they welcome minorities into their country with open arms.>> But some are not easily discouraged. Hendri Vijaya's aiming for US business school next year.>> We are student and we are contributing to their economy. So should be no problem for us to go there.
>> Trump's restrictions last month have sparked condemnation and protests even in Indonesia's capital Jakarta. The order is been blocked by a Seattle judge for now. And while Indonesia's foreign ministry says its citizens haven't faced problems seeking US visa's so far, whatever America decides to do, the order is straining goodwill on the ground in a country traditionally close to the United States.