FIRST AIRED: February 6, 2017

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>> A stunning victory for the Patriots at the Superbowl Sunday. The come back drama keeping millions of fans glued to the game even on the other side of the world. The National Football League proving to score with viewers in China streaming the game live for the first time on popular messaging platform Wavo, giving fans a chance to catch some of the action on their way to work.
The sport has a small but growing fan base in China. Reuters' Adam Jordan says more than 3 million people watch the game online.>> The majority of those fans are young, often well educated, 20 to 30 year-old males Often who have had some exposure outside China whether that's been born outside the country or living or working for a period in the US for example and bringing that football culture back here into China.
>> The stakes are high for the NFL as interest flags in the US. Surveys showing American TV viewership down 8% in the last season alone. Taking American football mainstream in China could be tough. Analysts say audiences will need to understand the game.>> We've seen commentators getting these boot camps where they're taught the rules of the game, how to explain these rules to viewers while they're watching.
What's a touchdown, what are ten yards for, etc. And these are all sort of ways that the NFL is trying to reach out, trying to acclimatize people here, to understand the game a little bit better.>> Still, analysts are cautious about football's potential in China, saying the country is already obsessed with soccer and basketball.
And the time difference will make it hard for fans to catch the game live. Nonetheless, the NFL is pushing full steam ahead. Next up, a plan to expand a fantasy football league.