FIRST AIRED: February 18, 2017

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>> General Motors opening up the throttle in the race to be the largest, if not the first, to test drive a fleet of self-driving cars as early as next year. As first reported by Reuters, sources familiar with the plan telling our auto correspondent, Paul Leinart, that GM is teaming up with partner Lyft in order to get the head start.
>> The fact that GM is planning to build and test thousands of self-driving cars, starting in 2018, long before other major car makers, suggests Chief Executive Mary Barra and her management team are staking big money on the future, especially on electric vehicles that don't require a driver.>> With it's self-driving vehicle plan moving full speed ahead, GM could be two years in front of rivals, in terms of test driving on such a large scale.
Alphabet's Waymo only currently has about 60 self-driving prototypes on the road in four states. But the GM strategy unveiled by sources is also telling in another way, it's reliance on Lyft to make this a money maker. As part of the partnership, GM will send special autonomous driving versions of the Chevy Bolt to Lyft which will be added to Lyft's fleet in several states.
>> Every other company is developing self driving cars, but nobody has figured out how to make money on them yet. The most popular idea seems to be to put them in ride sharing fleets such as Uber and Lyft, where they can run for 18 to 20 hours a day which could change the whole economics.
>> But that still doesn't address two major hurdles to getting these cars out of the testing phase and into mass use, legal and legislative issues which federal and state governments have yet to established new rules for the self driving road.