FIRST AIRED: February 15, 2017

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>> Islamaphobia is edging closer to a mainstream seat in Dutch politics. The country's Parliamentary election campaign is now officially underway. And the far right Freedom party is ahead in the polls. It's lead by anti-Islam campaigner Geert Wilders whose predicting Europe is about to enter a so called patriotic spring.
Reuters' Antony Deutsch says his popularity creates problems for Dutch and European politicians.>> The established parties are wondering whether they're going to get a drubbing in the likes of Brexit or the Trump votes and that an anti-establishment vote could set the stage for a series of three elections that are goinna be held in Europe this year.
And all eyes will be on the Netherlands on March 15th when the Dutch voters go pick a new Parliament.>>
> Wilders has come close in past election cycles only for his support to tail off before the vote. But this time he's jumping on an anti-establishment wave that's shaken the establishment in the UK and US.
Add to that is a growing Euro skepticism in Holland, which Wilders has tapped into the promise to leave the EU. He also voices far right rhetoric, such as banning mosques and the Quran. But even if he wins, he might be stopped.>> One safeguard that the Dutch established parties are citing is that the Parliamentary democracy requires that the parties form a coalition.
So, to make any of these dramatic changes, for example, to immigration law that Wilders has proposed, he would need to form a government with other coalition parties. And at the moment they're all saying that they would not rule with Wilders.>> That's now, but a month of intense, bitter and unpredictable campaigning lies ahead.
If Wilders secures a massive mandate from the Dutch electorate, he may be harder to ignore.