FIRST AIRED: February 10, 2017

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>> We will continue to go through the court process and ultimately I have no doubt that we'll win that particular case.>> A setback, sure. But the appeals court decision keeping President Donald Trump's travel ban on ice is nowhere near a death blow. Justice Department correspondent, Julia Edwards.
>> But we still haven't had any judge weigh in on yet are the merits of the case, meaning whether or not Trump has legal standing as the president to impose this kind of travel ban. The decision will now go back to Judge Robart, this judge in Seattle in a District Court, who placed a temporary restraining order on Trump's travel ban one week ago.
Judge Robart will be able to hear a longer discussion in order to put a preliminary injunction on the ban.>> That would keep Trump on hold while the courts really get down to picking apart his order barring immigrants from seven mainly Muslim countries, and nearly all refugees. But Edward says, Trump has plenty of ammunition.
>> The president has the authority to stop certain classes of immigrants from coming into the country, if he deems they pose a risk. And national security has usually been left to the executive branch. And this also might give Trump legal standing, when this court actually gets to weigh in on the merits of this ban.
>> Looming at the end of the road, the biggest court of them all.>> If there is a split decision from different Circuit Courts, the case has a strong possibility of ending up in the Supreme Court by the end of the year. People against this ban have argued, that it goes against many Constitutional clauses like, Freedom to Express Religion.
And they're able to draw on Trump's comments made during his campaign and leading up to the travel ban, where he attacked Muslims and said that he would ban Muslims from coming into the United States in order to prove that, that was his intent by this ban.>> Whatever the outcome, count on the case to set a precedent for future presidents and how much control they wield over immigration.