FIRST AIRED: February 8, 2017

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>> The good picture is the real picture who can shows what exactly going on from the first moment you look at it, which can affect you, and no need to write any word over that. My name is Ahmed Jadallah, Reuters senior photographer, middle east and north Africa. I been covering the battle and the violence in Mosul in the last three months, with a big team, with multimedia team from Reuters including the pictures team.
The battlefield is the picture of the civilian, the humanitarian crisis, the people who fleeting their houses, running from the fight. This is the most important pictures. Plus you have to shows the real tough fighting from street to street, from house to house, from area to area. The picture of this boy who was pulling these animals, taking out, fleeting from their house, with the dust, during the battles between the militants, and the Iraqi army, it shows you the fears in the eyes of this boy.
And how he care about his animals and he fleeting his house. Also, another picture of a woman is sheltering her baby in the middle of the court, of nowhere, and to protect her daughter from the cold. It's very important for us as photographers to be on the front line, and to be everywhere in the battles to tell the truth and the facts, and the reality for the people to show the people what's going on the ground.
And what's going, beside this like material crisis of the people fleeting their houses.