FIRST AIRED: February 13, 2017

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>> A Kenyan judge has ordered officials from the National Doctors Union be jailed as a public hospital strike continues to cripple the country's health network. Doctors in public hospitals have been on strike since December 5 over paying conditions. And since then, Kenyan media has reported the action that resulted in the deaths of a number of patients.
In December, Justice Helen Wasilwa deemed the strike illegal. Last month, she sentenced the union's leaders to jail for ignoring her initial ruling, but suspended the sentence to allow negotiations to continue. But with no end to the dispute in sight, she ordered their arrest on Monday.>> It is this court's finding that there is no sufficient reason why the court should review its order, and therefore this court declines to review its orders sentencing the applicants to one month jail time, and the orders of this court will now crystallize.
>> The leaders defiant to the cameras as they were led away from the court room, while outside, truckloads of riot police took up position as doctors and their supporters took to the streets in protest.>>
Striking doctors want the government to implement the deal struck in 2013, to give them 150 to 180% pay rise, and accused the government of failing to stock public hospitals with basic medicine and supplies.
The government says it can only afford a pay increase of 40%. University lecturers are also striking, deepening the political crisis just six months out from national general elections.